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Updated: Feb 6


Ages 5+ Weekly one on one sessions $105/hr +gst

Spring Session (12 weeks)

April thru June

Summer Session (6 weeks)

July & August

Fall Session (10 weeks)

September thru November

Winter Session (8 weeks)

November thru February

(weather contingent)

To get started complete your online intake here:

What is Therapeutic Riding?

At Riding 4 Life we believe that all forms of horsin’ around are ‘good for the soul’ and inherently therapeutic. For that reason, we have developed a multifaceted approach to what is commonly known as therapeutic riding. Our programs often include models know as hippotherapy, equine assisted learning, and adapted horsemanship. Programs are adapted to suit each individual and includes as much horsemanship practice as a participant desires.

Activities Include:

· Catching & leading a horse

· Basic grooming

· Saddling

· Groundwork

· Mounted exercises and games

· Basic riding skills practice

Learning Outcomes and Benefits:

· Basic Barnyard Safety

· Beginner riding skills

· Horse Care

· Personal limits and boundaries

· Self-Awareness

· Confidence

· Empathy

· Proprioception

· Balance

· Core Strength

· Resiliency

· Motor Skills (fine and gross)

· Functional Bilateral Symmetry

· Emotional Regulation

· Enjoyment

…and many more


Call: 250-490-5856

Registration Policy:

Completed intake forms, and payment for the first 4 sessions, or confirmation of billing authorization is required to secure an ongoing spot in our therapeutic roster. Limited space available on a first come, first serve basis. Returning and ongoing clients get first right of refusal. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email which will include your dates, and basic program registration information. All parents & legal guardians MUST complete a registration form with waiver for each child who plans to participate. These forms are available here. They must be fully complete & submitted at the beginning of the program at the latest or your child may be denied participation in the program.


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