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LIFERS PROGRAM (Saturday Crew)

Updated: May 16, 2022

Ages 12+

10+ hrs of supervised weekly access (includes 2 group lessons)

Available only to ongoing clients by invitation

Lifers from our Beginner roster - $480 +gst/month

Lifers from our Hippotherapy roster - $795 +gst/month

Saturdays 11am - 4pm plus two additional days booked Tuesday through Friday.

80% attendance commitment to maintain your spot on the roster.

Who are Lifers?

Lifers are those kids who after a few riding lessons have that certain twinkle in their eye.

They are the young riders who are past the point of no return when it comes to deterring them from horsin’ around - even when it comes to the muckiest, dustiest, and dirtiest types of grunt work required to care for the majestic steed who has clearly stolen their heart.

This program offers them the next best thing to the full commitment of horse ownership as they become the ‘Sr’ client in charge of a designated Riding 4 Life horse, and they begin the hands on journey of learning all about the lifestyle that comes along with a love of horses.

Activities Include:

· Barnyard Chores

· Basic Horse Care & Feeding

· Riding Lessons

· Groundwork Lessons

· Group activities/tasks

· Theory Instruction

· Safety practice

· Equipment Care

· Games

Learning Outcomes:

· Barnyard Safety

· Intermediate riding skills

· Horse Care & Herdsmanship

· Teamwork

· Horse psychology

· Self-Awareness

· Personal limits and boundaries

· Confidence

…and many more



Call: 250-689-1648

Registration Policy:

Full payment for the first month or confirmation of billing authorization is required to reserve space. Limited space available on an invitation only basis. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email which will include your dates/times, and basic program registration information, as well as a pdf with detailed program info. All parents & legal guardians MUST complete a registration form with waiver for each child who plans to participate. These forms are available online, by email, or at our office. They must be fully complete & submitted on the morning of the program at the latest or your child may be denied participation in the program.

Payment can be made using cash, cheque, or e-transfer once you have received an invoice.


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