INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Learn it, do it, teach it!)

Ages 15+

9:00am – 5pm Saturdays, plus additional availability

Available by application to our ‘Lifers’

Lifers from our Beginner roster - $50 +gst/week

Ongoing 3 season program.

90% attendance commitment to maintain your spot on the roster.

Lifers from our Hippotherapy roster - $95 +gst/week

Ongoing 3 season program.

90% attendance commitment to maintain your spot on the roster.

Who are our Interns?

Riding 4 Life internships run concurrently with our Lifers Program in most cases and are a contract staff position.Our Interns abide by the motto ‘Learn it, Do it, Teach it’ and are not only passionalte about the Horsemanship skills they have learned, but are also keen to pass them on to others who may be curious (or crazy) about horses.

Activities Include:

· Barnyard Chores + Maintenance

· Horse Care & Feeding

· Teaching Riding Lessons

· Teaching Groundwork Lessons

· Facilitating group activities/tasks

· Theory Instruction

· Safety practice

· Equipment Care

· Program Admin/Development

Learning Outcomes:

· Leadership

· Time management

· Client relations

· Documentation

· Problem Solving

· Advanced Horsemanship

· Teamwork

· Professional communication

· Facilitation

...and many more



Call: 250-689-1648

Registration Policy:

Full payment for the first 4 Saturdays or confirmation of billing authorization is required to register. Limited space available upon successful application. Following registration you will receive a confirmation email which will include basic program information, as well as a pdf copy of our full program information, and a digital copy of our internship program guidebook. All parents and legal guardians are asked to review these materials and make note of the expectations and responsibilities of interns.

Payment can be made using cash, cheque, or e-transfer once you have received an invoice.

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