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Updated: Feb 5

Ages 12+ (adults welcome!)

Weekly private beginner riding lessons - $65 +gst

($60/lesson if you book the whole session)

Spring Session (12 weeks)

April - June

Fall Session (8-10 weeks)

September - November

Winter Session (8 weeks)

November - February

(weather contingent)

What are beginner riding lessons?

Our private beginner lessons are designed for riders 12 years and up who have little to no riding experience. Lessons last 55 mins with at least 30 mins of mounted time. Riders will learn and practice everything needed to catch and groom their horse, safely tack up, and ride in an arena or on a trail on atypically trained horse suited to developing riders.

Activities may include:

· Basic Horse Grooming

· Catching and handling a horse

· Saddling and Bridling

· Groundwork exercises

· Mounted balance exercises

· Riding at the walk and trot and canter

· Navigating obstacles

· Riding on trails

· Intro to competitive disciplines

Learning Outcomes:

· Beginner riding skills

· Barnyard safety

· Horse psychology

· Equipment use and safety

· Awareness of local horse community offerings

· Arena etiquette and best practice

· Common horse lingo

· Basic riding safety


· Improved balance and core strength

· Confidence and self-esteem

· Self-awareness

· Stress release

· Physical fitness

· Enjoyment


Registration Policy:

Full payment for the first 4 lessons is required up front to reserve space. Limited space available on a first come, first serve basis. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email which will include your dates/times, and basic program registration information. All parents & legal guardians MUST complete a registration form with waiver for each child who plans to participate. These forms are available online, by email, or at our office. They must be fully complete & submitted on the morning of the program at the latest or your child may be denied participation in the program.

Payment can be made using cash, cheque, or e-transfer once you have received an invoice.


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