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Time to Giddy Up!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Howdy everyone! Our 2020 season didn't exactly get going the way we thought it would. There have definitely been some challenges at the barn as well as throughout our community due to a global pandemic. We are happy to report that we are all healthy and happy to be horsin' around again. And while our crew has certainly enjoyed the extra down time this year, we know they'll all be glad to see our riders back very soon... Especially Ruby!

We hope to have all of our returning riders, along with any new riders who were booked into our roster for April, back in the saddle by mid June. Following that, and with the help of our lovely interns we will be booking our summer session with additional new riders who hope to join us.

We do have some COVID-19 protocols in place for now. Click below to have a look at those. Also please note, that many of our public events, special groups, and day programs are on hold for now as well.

COVID 19 Protocols - June 1, 2020
Download PDF • 106KB

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience as we catch up with all your emails, and phone messages. The support we've received from our clients and surrounding community has been tremendous and we're so excited to finally Giddy up this year!


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