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Welcome to the Riding 4 Life Ranch!

One long term spot available immediately.

Two additional long term spots available June 1st.

A minimum stay of 2 months is required to be considered for a boarding spot.

Limited short stay spots available by the day or week. For more details click here.

Our rustic little ranch is host to a range of horsemanship and therapeutic programs, clinics, camps, and events as well as home to many of our teaching horses. We pride ourselves in a practical, down to earth approach to horsin' around and we believe that everyone should have access to its benefits should they choose to.

Our facility features a 10 acre property divided by oxbows and located alongside the Oliver Hike and Bike Trail. Boarder amenities include ample shared tack room space, a 90' x 130' outdoor sand arena, 65' x 112' covered arena, round pen, trailer parking, feed room, and off property access to the trail mentioned above.

Each boarder pen is equipped with a water tub, a run-in shelter, well maintained footing, rubber matting inside the run-in, and tank deicers through winter. Our live in staff top up waters daily and generally keep an eye on all the going on daily.

We also believe that slow feeding horses is a best practice wherever possible. The majority of our daily roughage is fed using slow feed hay nets and all boarders must participate in this practice if they wish to board with us. The use of a slow feed net is also included in our board fees.

Our approach to board fees differs from most facilities in our area. We want to ensure that our clients have a good grasp of the costs related to their horse's daily care and the challenges we face as a facility to serve you and your horse affordably and without compromising what we believe is a healthy and practical standard of care.

We also hope to encourage owners to be involved in their horse's daily care and participate in our barnyard community and horsemanship development on a regular basis.

R4L Ranch Fee Schedule:

Basic Board Fees - $180/mth

  • includes use of a water tub (topped up daily), tank deicer in winter, and slow feed hay net.

  • Does not include any feeding, cleaning, or care services.

Monthly hay - $200/mth

  • First cut mix from Barrington Ranch, and 1st cut low sugar grass hay from Princeton currently available.

  • Does not include any feeding services - owner to attend daily

Daily hay feeding and paddock picking

  • Weekdays only - $60.00/mth

  • Weekends only - $30.00/mth

  • 7 days/week - $100.00/mth

  • We are happy to put you in touch with fellow boarders to coordinate sharing care for each other's horses. Again, our goal is to encourage owner involvement wherever possible.

If you're considering boarding with us we encourage you to submit an application using the online form here:

Submission of this form does not constitute a commitment and is not a contract. This submission is a great way to get your questions answered and determine if our facility is a good fit for you and your horse.



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